Julie Rothschild   Movement       

“Julie’s gentle directions and spare magical touch

allowed me to find my core balance and coordination. 
All my movements are smoother and safer now!”
Mitch Stahl, 75 years old, Boulder




How You Move Matters
Improve how you move!
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How you move matters.  Whether at work, at home or at play, moving well makes a world of difference in how you perform and fulfill your purpose. Your habits should not be running the show. Alexander Technique helps you undo those habits that are hindering your potential, causing you pain and zapping your energy.

Alexander Technique provides you with a re-education in movement and brings you into a state of ease, balance and coordination.  It is a method that is widely practiced among athletes, performing artists and individuals who wish to rid themselves of excess muscular tension and in order to reclaim their natural coordination and posture.

Our Clients are committed to moving, working and living well.